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Fun with Friends: The Super Friends Media Club

So I have quite a few groups of acquaintances which sometimes overlap and sometimes don’t. One particular group, let’s call them The Goofy Goobers, consists of myself, my wife and two of her bridesmaids who she has known since middle school. We recently started in on our favorite pastime: berating one another for not seeing something and then flooding them with gifs until they get too annoyed to ever watch it. This was when I had a stroke of genius: why don’t we start a book club or fandom? And incidentally, Uli (as she is known in the group chat on Facebook) came up with a fantastic addendum: why stop there. Why not movies, books and other fun forms of media. A few clicks later and we had a group: The Super Friends Media Club featuring Moog, Uli, Racherl and me, Sob (Please don’t ask).

Pictured: Moog, Uli and Racherl

The rules are simple: about 2 hours of media is minimum, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to go on, but if you do, well what can I say except, you’re welcome. Every 15 days we’ll switch to a new item of media and that is that. We will all be that much richer in our knowledge of pop culture. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t take that as an excuse to do what I apparently enjoy to do the most of: reviews! So you can expect reviews at the end of each of these sessions here with extra commentary from Moog, Uli and Racherl.

So for our first adventure, I have chosen Rebecca Sugar’s amazingly adorable yet diverse and deep cartoon about a young boy with a shiny belly button, three moms and a huge burden hanging over his head. I, of course, am referring to none other than Steven Universe. This is something Moog and I have seen more than once, but will gladly rewatch. The rules will have us watching 12 amazing episodes, a run which ends with “Giant Woman.” I think this is a thrilling chapter to tantalize anyone trying to quit the show. So see you later this month with a recap of our adventure and the next topic.

Upon the desk of Sabrael D. Carroll sits a half empty cup of tea, the leaves waiting patiently nearby for their second or maybe third brewing. This inevitable future creeps nearer as yet another sip is taken. The teapot, proudly swathed in the English flag, is empty but for the lone drop perched precariously at the end of the spout. The cup is placed back down again, amid a haphazard pile of character sheets, open rule books, and dungeon maps. All the stats and buffs and modifiers mix together in his mind, the numbers forming the framework of the story he’s dying to tell. He will surely get back to those in just a moment but for now, his attention is stolen by pixelated firefights and a meter running dangerously low. Don’t worry, he’ll write that next article… eventually.

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