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Social Media is a complex word. It has a simple definition but down to the nitty gritty, it means a whole lot more. I’m sure sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (also known as the holy trinity to some) come to mind when you think of Social Media, but it can be so much more than that. We share, curate, collect and expand a knowledge base with infinite potential… and cat videos. Always cat videos.

This article is presented here as a part of Throwback Thursday, where we revisit some highlights from the archives of both Sabrael D. Carroll and M.E. Garey. This particular piece comes to you from July 2016.

Where was I? Oh yes, Social Media. So today I would like to share with my readers my online presence in the realm of social media, in an effort to expand my connections with you all, and just share more of myself that isn’t directly reported here. So let’s start with the afore mentioned trinity: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


My Facebook is private. All my settings are private, and I only add people I know in real life as friends. This will never change. But I do however join a number of groups on Facebook which is where I interact the most with people not on my Friend’s List. So if you have a group, feel free to give me a link so I can join in. I am always up for meeting new people. Some of my current favorites are The Fountain Pen Network (FPN)The Adventure Zone Appreciation Group, and the MBMBAM Cooking and Baking Appreciation Group. That tells you too much about my interests.


Twitter is not my most active platform. I find it hard to condense my thoughts into witty bites. This usually becomes a place where Instagram, Tumblr, and other accounts bleed into. I do plan on being a bit more active, or at least using it to feed my followers more of what is going on around the net with me.


Instagram has recently become a favorite of mine. Here I tend to post pictures that fall into two main categories: Bullet Journaling or cooking. While I am a food Instagrammer, I do have one rule and that is that I do not snap pictures of food I did not actually make. I don’t get the whole “show off someone else’s hard work for no reason and get likes” business.

So with those three out of the way, I will show off what I call specialty platforms. These I have for a specific purpose, and they are designed with that purpose in mind. I won’t go into too many details, but you can find me on Steepster, a tea pantry manager with the option to share reviews and recommendations, Goodreads where I keep track of books I have read and own and of course if you are a regular here, you know about my Backloggery where I track my extensive game collection and my progress towards mastering my collection.

Lastly would be my Tumblr blogs. I only have one worth mentioning and that is the pocket muse. which is my main account which is mainly fed from my Instagram as well as reblogs of random things I find on my dash. I rarely create content exclusively for Tumblr since I don’t feel like I have much to contribute since it tends to be better for more visual items rather than written ones. I do however have plans to make two curation blogs for Character Art and for RPGs, but those will come later.

And that is my online presence in a nutshell. Hope to see you somewhere online!

Upon the desk of Sabrael D. Carroll sits a half empty cup of tea, the leaves waiting patiently nearby for their second or maybe third brewing. This inevitable future creeps nearer as yet another sip is taken. The teapot, proudly swathed in the English flag, is empty but for the lone drop perched precariously at the end of the spout. The cup is placed back down again, amid a haphazard pile of character sheets, open rule books, and dungeon maps. All the stats and buffs and modifiers mix together in his mind, the numbers forming the framework of the story he’s dying to tell. He will surely get back to those in just a moment but for now, his attention is stolen by pixelated firefights and a meter running dangerously low. Don’t worry, he’ll write that next article… eventually.

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