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Thoughts from Places: Indianapolis, IN

I was born in Tuam and spent part of my childhood between there, Manchester and Madrid. I then lived in Los Angeles and went to college in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t until I lived in the midwest that I discovered that traveling can be done more often than once every 8 years. I have traveled more since I got here than I ever did since I came to this country. This time, I found myself on the road back East headed for the stagnant, swampy asshole of Satan known as Indianapolis, IN. The reason was for business, but in reality, we could have avoided the whole affair if not for one thing: friends.

My wife has two dear friends, one of whom lives in Indy. So when my mother-in-law mentioned that there was some equipment to be procured there for her latest business venture, I volunteered for the trip because I figured even if it was only for a few hours, my wife would appreciate the visit. And to be honest, we could use the extra work hours that would come with the drive. And so we grabbed a cargo van, and hit the road!

The route wasn’t new, we’d done the exact same route last time we went to Cincinnati, only instead of skirting the wasteland that is Indy, we ventured into it. Well, south of it actually. With some difficulty, we loaded up the van and then went off to see our good friend Juli (mentioned as part of The Super Friends Media Club). It was while we were sitting with her that the idea behind this article came to me.

In this day and age, we are connected in ways that we couldn’t be in the past: social media, text messages, e-mail. All of them are instant. There is no delay in communication, and I feel like that leads to a lack of density in the conversations we have. I am a member of the Letter Writers Association, and so I write a lot of letters. I have found that when a conversation goes slower, you tend to forget the idle chatter and focus on the important details. I can’t say this is good or bad, but it provides two very different form of communication.

So while I had just had a conversation about Pierce Brosnan and his gross hairy body and lack of talent, in reality, I hadn’t seen her in over a year, and while she knows of our renovation experiences, she hasn’t had a chance to see the end result of all our hard work. Two very distinct conversations, and despite our near constant stream of chatter, the latter hadn’t come up in a while. I can’t say there is a point to this observation, but I can say that I learned from it: I need to start having more real conversations with people in my life. Past the lols, the emoji, the likes. Past the quick replies sent without any deep thought. Real conversation.

Or maybe I’m just being introspective, because spending 11 and a half hours on the road, what else do you do?

Upon the desk of Sabrael D. Carroll sits a half empty cup of tea, the leaves waiting patiently nearby for their second or maybe third brewing. This inevitable future creeps nearer as yet another sip is taken. The teapot, proudly swathed in the English flag, is empty but for the lone drop perched precariously at the end of the spout. The cup is placed back down again, amid a haphazard pile of character sheets, open rule books, and dungeon maps. All the stats and buffs and modifiers mix together in his mind, the numbers forming the framework of the story he’s dying to tell. He will surely get back to those in just a moment but for now, his attention is stolen by pixelated firefights and a meter running dangerously low. Don’t worry, he’ll write that next article… eventually.

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