S. D. Carroll

Upon the desk of Sabrael D. Carroll sits a half empty cup of tea, the leaves waiting patiently nearby for their second or maybe third brewing. This inevitable future creeps nearer as yet another sip is taken. The teapot, proudly swathed in the English flag, is empty but for the lone drop perched precariously at the end of the spout. The cup is placed back down again, amid a haphazard pile of character sheets, open rule books, and dungeon maps. All the stats and buffs and modifiers mix together in his mind, the numbers forming the framework of the story he’s dying to tell. He will surely get back to those in just a moment but for now, his attention is stolen by pixelated firefights and a meter running dangerously low. Don’t worry, he’ll write that next article… eventually.

Thoughts from Places: Indianapolis, IN

I was born in Tuam and spent part of my childhood between there, Manchester and Madrid. I then lived in Los Angeles and went to college in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t until I lived in the midwest that I discovered that traveling can be done more often than once every 8 years. I have traveled more since I got here than I ever did since I came to this country. This time, I found myself on the road back East headed for the stagnant, swampy asshole of satan known as Indianapolis, IN. The reason was for business, but in reality, we could have avoided the whole affair if not for one thing: friends.

Thoughts from Places: Western MO

In the words of a fantastic author, activist, and all-around individual, John Green: “Hank, Sometimes when you go places, you think things.” While this isn’t an actual quote, I’d like to think it is something he would say.

This article is presented here as a part of Throwback Thursday, where we revisit some highlights from the archives of both Sabrael D. Carroll and M.E. Garey. This particular piece comes to you from June 2016.