Meg’s Favorite Movies of 2016

The Oscars have come and gone with all their hilarious snafus and cringe-worthy moments, but the people are still asking, “What were Meg’s favorite movies of the last year?” Glad you asked! Not sure why you would ask, but glad you did all the same. In the typical fashion, the list below is presented in no particular order, as I am physically incapable of picking favorites. If you haven’t seen these yet I hope you do and let me know what your favorites were if I left out any good ones. Enjoy!

Meg’s 5 Favorite Movies of 2015

So, those of you who remember my “Meg’s 10 Favorite Movies of 2014” might be thinking, “Wow, our list that we’ve been patiently waiting for over a year has shrunk! That Meg sure is a jerk!” Well, sorry about that. There are some reasons.

This article is presented here as a part of Throwback Thursday, where we revisit some highlights from the archives of both Sabrael D. Carroll and M.E. Garey. This particular piece comes to you from May 2016.